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Get new customers and more visibility by offering your services to a targeted audience!

Google ADS advertising 

With advertising we refer to all those promotional activities of a commercial nature and / or sponsorship of a brand. These activities allow us to achieve immediate visibility through online auctions with which to purchase different Keywords that we will decide to use. 

ADVs are useful to be able to compete with online competitors thus increasing their visibility.

Marketing Automation Funnel

Marketing automation allows us to make automatic marketing actions usually manual, through software such as Click Funnel. Thanks to these tools we are able to: optimize web marketing strategies, qualifying contacts, generating new sales opportunities and speeding up the cycle.


Email Marketing or Direct Email Marketing (DEM)

Email marketing consists of sending e-mails and newsletters as a means to communicate directly with your leads and prospects for commercial and loyalty purposes. A well thought out email becomes "the perfect bait to bait your fish on the hook": we will prioritize direct connection with the recipient with a personal and captivating touch.


gestione campagne di digital marketing - Double Malt
Advertising Google Ads - Double Malt
Gestione campagne marketing - Double Malt
e-mail marketing - Double Malt - agenzia di comunicazione integrata
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